Upcoming Titles We're Excited About – September 2015

You’re probably thinking, “Good heavens. She’s 5 days late with this post.” Well, I’m thinking that you don’t know my life! It’s hard! I suffer!

And frankly:

And furthermore:

The important thing we need to focus on is that:

We shouldn’t dwell on the past. =)

Jenny’s Pick


So, I am of the “larger” persuasion, which is to say that I’m fat. I’ve only read a couple of books with overweight MC’s and I’ve yet to feel like my demographic has been fairly and accurately portrayed. Give it to me, Murphy. My people are ready.

Angela’s Picks



Brandi’s Picks


Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter is fantaaaaastic. 4 – 4.5 stars from me. Check out Brandi’s 5 star review here.

Aimee’s Picks



Chantal’s Picks



Emily’s Picks


That’s all she wrote, folks. Halloween is coming. I am so excite. O_O
Oh, and I solemnly swear that I shall do better regarding “things” and “time” and “schedules.” -_-


  1. HALLOWEEN IS COMING. THE HORROR MONTH IS COMING AND I AM EXCITE. I’m reading Pretty Girls right now, and boy, it’s so good! … so far, haha, I’ve only read 20% xD And I can’t wait for Vengeance Road!

    • Yass. Halloween is my favorite. I want to gorge on scary books and scary movies.
      How far along are you in Pretty Girls? Isn’t it good? Dark and sad, but good. Lol.

      • Right now, I’m 60% done with it. It remains good, haha. And yes to that! I love Halloween and horror! I can’t wait to start reading scary books. (Somehow, I find horror movies boring)

    • I hardly ever find people who are as into scary movies on Halloween like I am. Lol

  2. Chandra Lawrie

    If you want a great thriller, Weepers by Nick Chairkas is fantastic. Beset book I’ve read in months! His site is and I think his past makes this book even better!

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