Upcoming Titles We're Excited About – July 2015

Hey everyone – Jenny here. Today we’re debuting a brand new Book Geek feature where we do you what the title of this post says and present the books we most anticipate. Yes, yes, I know. July is half over, but no matter. I’m not much of a fan of deadlines. Or rules. Or other things like that.

Is it still acceptable to use Supernatural gifs? No, for reals, I need someone to tell me. I’ve been out of the loop for a while. My gif game is rusty.   

Without further ado and stuff, here’s what the Book Geeks are excited about this month:


We’re very excited.



My Picks…pick.


Have you read Ready Player One? Go get it. It’s a fun, pop culture-filled romp through a video-game cyber world. Emphasis on fun. I’m an 80’s kid, so the pop culture overload that some complained about wasn’t an overload for me. It was sweet, sweet nostalgia. Loved it and I was able to ignore most of its flaws, cuz, like I said – fun.
Anywho, I saw that Ernest Cline was writing another video-gamey, fantasy-worldy ALIEN INVASION story and I lost ma marbles. Yass, please. Truth be told, I already started the ARC, but I’m so fresh into it that I don’t have an opinion, yet. I’m excited about it, tho..


Angela’s Picks



Aimee’s Picks



Brandi’s Pick



I’m sorry. I have poor impulse control.

Emily’s Pick





And that’s it. Short and sweet for this month, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the August titles near the end of this month. Happy reading, y’all.


  1. Some really great books on here!! Harper Lee’s To set a watchman is on my “most anticipated” list too!! The Fixer also looks good! Thanx for a great blog!!

    • JennyJen

      I probably should get around to reading To Kill a Mockingbird now. Lol.

  2. Of course it’s acceptable to use supernatural gifs! I use them all the time! Or at least when they fit what I want to say…

    • JennyJen

      Thank you! I was just worried they’ve all been used up. I’m glad to know I’m still with it. =)

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