I Will Sell My Soul for These Authors' Next Books


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is top ten auto-buy authors! I did top ten most read authors last week, so don’t I’ll try to spice this post up juuuust a bit, buy letting y’all know how much I’m willing to sacrifice for these authors’ next books… aside from my non-existent allowance.
*Links on text will lead to the author’s GR page, and photos will link to my Instagram!

#1. Rick Riordan: I’ll give him all my future Children.
And my pet unicorn, Percy.

Rick Riordan House of Hades Heroes of Olympus Percy Jackson
JUST GIVE ME ALLLLLL OF HIS BOOKS. ALL OF THEM. Obviously Rick Riordan would be #1. Hell, I read 12 books from this guy and am still looking for more!
Also, I named my pet unicorn after a character of his creation. For that, I get a discount of one child. Right?

#2. Kendare Blake: I’ll donate all my blood to her characters.
She can use that to write more deliciously morbid death scenes.

Kendare Blake Antigoddess
I can always count on Kendare Blake to bring me deliciously morbid, and occasionally tear-worthy scenes. I need all her books like yesterday. If I needed blood to build a time machine to meet future Kendare to get her future books, I’d donate it all. *nods*

#3. KB Ritchie: I’ll send them my beloved pillow for their next book.

KB Ritchie Krista Becca Amour Amour
I’m very attached to my pillow. In fact, I’ve had the thing for about fifteen years. So giving it away for a book? That has to be some glorious book, and I’m sure KB Ritchie can manage. 😉 Although I’ll probably miss my pillow so much that I’ll sneak into KB’s house just to sleep with it.

#4. Miranda Kenneally: I’ll sacrifice a month’s worth of chocolate ice cream.
Hey, that’s saying something.

Miranda Kenneally Catching Jordan Hundred Oaks

Why yes, I am a lazy blogger and reused last week’s graphic. #noshame. I’m not even sure when Miranda popped up on my auto-buy list, but she definitely stayed there. I’ve read and loved all her Hundred Oaks books, and I would give up ice cream for a month to get the last two installments!

#5. Jeaniene Frost: I’ll stop trying to steal Bones away from Cat.
For now.

Jeaniene Frost Night Huntress Destined for an Early Grave

Jeaniene Frost’s books are like crack. I remember finishing Halfway to the Grave then going out of my way to finish the series ASAP. Now I’ll pretty much take anything this lady will give!

#6. Marie Lu: I’ll swim across the ocean to grab her next book.

Marie Lu The Young Elites
I fell in love with Marie’s Legend trilogy, and while I didn’t love The Young Elites, I still have plans to purchase and read all of Marie’s other books!
(Because I already have hardcovers of all her books and you know… Gotta catch ’em all!)

#7. Suzanne Young: I won’t use a calculator in our next Math exam.

Suzanne Young The Program

Suzanne writes the most feelsy romances! Like seriously, I love how she writes about relationships that start even before the book begins, and Suzanne does those well. All of the books I’ve read from her made me cry.
And I’m a masochist. So BRING ON THE TEARS, SUZANNE.

#8. Abigail Haas (AKA Abby McDonald): I’ll jump from a 3-story house. I’ll eat broccoli. Which I hate.

Abigail Haas Dangerous Girls
I rarely get chills when I read, but THIS FABULOUS LADY DID IT. The end of Dangerous Girls made the skin on my neck prickle. And I so want moaaaar. Bwahaha! (On a more serious note–Abigal Haas = brilliant thrillers.)

#9. Marissa Meyer: I’ll lick my brother’s foot. *shudders*

Marissa Meyer Cinder Lunar Chronicles
Marissa’s one of those authors that just develops with every new book she writes. Each Lunar Chronicles book is more badass than its predecessor! At this rate, Winter will probably seem like it was written by an angel. I’m not even kidding! MUCH NEED.

#10. Sarah J. Maas: I won’t charge my cellphone for a week.

Sarah J Maas Crown of Midnight Throne of Glass
I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of Sarah J. Maas or anything, but like with Marissa, her books seem to be getting better. In fact, I sort of hated Throne of Glass, enjoyed the sequels and loved A Court of Thorns and Roses. I have to say I’m excited to see where she’s going with her future books!

#11. Notable Mentions

What did you think of this week’s picks? Who are your auto-buy authors?


  1. Yes! I agree with this list.Abigail Haas! I trust this author when it comes to mystery novels. whooo!

  2. I am looking forward to the new Riordan books, have not tried him yet but looking forward to those. 🙂

  3. LOL I love your descriptions of what you’d do for each author’s books. That’s so awesome.
    I also have a ton that match with your list! I totally forgot about Suzanne Young though when I was making my list! I read all of the Program series just a few months ago and I quickly became obsessed with it. I need the Epidemic like yesterday and I’m also super excited for Hotel Ruby later this year.

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