The Star Thief by Jamie Grey

The Star Thief (Star Thief Chronicles, #1)The Star Thief by Jamie Grey
My rating: 5 of 5 teacups

Welcome to my first ever five teacup review for a New Adult book.

“If nothing else, humanity excelled at war.”

I’ve been considering abandoning this whole silly “NA experiment” thing a bunch of times and getting back to books I’m more likely to have a good chance of enjoying. But I decided to have one last browse through some of the recently released New Adult; I moved my search to further down the pile, past all the popular “this is the next 50 Shades” titles and to the ones with fewer ratings. That’s where I discovered this book. A book that promised to be all kinds of wild and crazy scifi-ness combined with a steamy romance. I wasn’t really expecting much. But damn, not only did this book deliver the promised goods, it hooked me from the start and gave me an exciting combination of everything I love: spunky heroine, great writing, an imaginative world, humour and, yes, sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.

In this novel, the world we all know is the “old world” and this futuristic tale plants us right in the middle of space. And conflict. Don’t be fooled by what you would usually expect from the New Adult “genre”, this is very much a hardcore, detailed and sophisticated piece of science fiction. It is as much a story about war, slavery and military operations as it is a sexy romance. But both aspects of the book complement each other and make for an exciting pageturner. The author doesn’t neglect her world-building, space politics or action scenes. She has written one of those creatures that I love above all others: a genre-defying beast that takes all the best elements of my favourite genres and mixes them together to create something even better.

Then there’s the chemistry between Renna and Finn. She knew him as Hunter a long time ago and she always thought he’d died until fate throws them together again for the most important mission of their lives. Their history hangs in the air between them making the verbal sparring even more entertaining and hot. God, I love Renna. Finn’s a bit of a jerk at first (we learn the reason later) but she gives as good as she gets:

Renna lowered her voice to match his tone. “I don’t mind you on top, darling. It’s when you start pushing me around that we’ll have a problem.” She smiled at him coldly. “So I’ll do my job, don’t you worry. Just don’t expect me to play by your rules. You know I was never very good at following orders.”

I love how bitingly sarcastic, funny and totally unapologetic she is. She is exactly the kind of heroine I love. This isn’t supposed to be a humour book but there are a number of great lines scattered throughout – which I won’t quote because you should discover them yourself – and I found myself laughing out loud a number of times. It was also very refreshing to get a female MC in New Adult who wasn’t obsessed with being virginal and shaming other women for being “slutty”. Renna is very comfortable with her sexuality and with other women. I liked this quote:

The woman stood up straighter and puffed out her chest. She did have a nice rack. Renna would have puffed them out, too.

The book does end on a bit of a cliffhanger but I still recommend you go pick this up now. I honestly liked how everything was handled – it was well-written with lots of plot but provided me with the kind of romance I could happily stick around for. There was a realistic progression with all the relationships in the story and I particularly liked how the dislike and suspicion between Renna and her other crew mates blossomed into mutual trust and respect over time. Very, very impressive and entertaining. And I’m sure all your inner nerds will perk up at the science-y language, the artificial intelligence and the cybernetic implants. You know I’m right:)

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