Ten Characters That Aren't My Friends


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish.

For today’s Top Ten Tuesday, I’m going to share ten characters that I *sadly* just didn’t click with, for a multitude of reasons.
*Links on text will lead to my review/s (if applicable) and photos will link to the book’s GR page!

#1. Hazel Grace Lancaster (The Fault in Our Stars)

HOLD YOUR TOMATOES–I don’t hate Hazel. I just didn’t click with her. She was wayyy to deep thinking and old-sounding for my taste. She’d probably be one of those people I’m weirded out by in school. I respect her, though. She’s just not the kind of person I’d make an effort to befriend.

#2. Tate Collins (Ugly Love)

TTT6-Ugly Love
Now we have someone I really don’t like–Tate Collins. This woman is a doormat. She let Miles step all over her, and I’m not okay with having a friend like that, thank you very much. Also, she’s a creeper.

#3. Elizabeth Grey (The Witch Hunter)

TTT6-Witch Hunter
There are two reasons I don’t like Elizabeth: 1) she makes rash decisions without thinking of the consequences, and b) she lets everyone tell her what the heck to do, and what the heck to believe in. Definitely not the badass heroine I’m looking for.

#4. Julia (Never Always Sometimes)

TTT6-Never Always Sometimes

I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER HER LAST NAME. Anyway, I remember that I seriously hated her, and that’s what counts. I explained in depth in my review why I say she’s a bitch, but generally, she’s a manipulative girl who thinks way too highly of herself.

#5. Gia Montgomery (The Fill-in Boyfriend)

TTT6-Fill in Boyfriend
The thing with Gia is, I click with her situation, but I don’t click with her. I mean, I totally understand what she’s going through, but WTF is up with some of her choices and decisions? Girl, please grow up.

#6. Prince Maxon (The Selection)

TTT6-The Selection

If I’m being 100% honest, I don’t understand the hype over this guy AT ALL. He’s so hot-and-cold and way too inconsistent for me. One minute he’s flirty, and the next he’s a total piece of cardboard.
Also, I think he’s boring. #noshame

#7. Cinna (The Hunger Games)

TTT6-The Hunger Games

I don’t even know why I don’t like Cinna! I found him sort of meh in the books–like he’s there, and that’s okay, whatever, but for some reason his character was really annoying in the movies. Maybe it’s because his eyebrows are always scrunched up and he’s making me confused as to why he always looks angry. Anyway.

#8. Mare Barrow (Red Queen)

TTT6-Red Queen

Mare is a Special Snowflake, and you know how much I don’t like those. Let’s give her brownie points for being a huge flirt, too.

#9. Calaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass)

TTT6-Throne of GLass

Again, friends, HOLD YOUR HORSES. What I’m going to say only applies to the Calaena we were introduced to in book one. In Throne of Glass, Calaena was said to be a totally badass assassin, but I never got that vibe from her until the second book, which led me to not clicking with her in the first. Okay, I still didn’t “click” with her in the sequels, but I admired her.

#10. Prince Kai (Cinder)


Prince Kai isn’t a bad character, but COME ON, people. Compare him to the sweet, endearing Wolf and the charming, funny Captain Thorne… Basically his personality just isn’t strong enough to click with me.

What did you think of this week’s picks? Which characters are you just not into?


  1. Same here Aimee, I did not get the Celaena hype until Crown of Midnight. Sorry, Celaena, I was wrong, you are pretty fearsome after all – I just couldn’t tell with your juvenile behaviour in ToG. I found both Kai and Cinder a bit bland to be honest haha. And omg Aimee, you are the BEST finder of book fonts in all the verse XD

  2. I don´t like Hazel either. (Also Gus):D But I like Mare, Calaena and Maxon 😀

  3. Can I just second Aentee and say that your book fonts are spot on?!
    I have never been able to put my finger quite on why Hazel seemed “off” to me, but I think you may have hit the mark. She just didn’t seem quite authentic for her age.

  4. I don’t know all these characters but I agree on :
    – Tate – like, really girl? REALLY?
    – Maxon – He drove me NUTS. I never understood his reactions and yes, not too swoony the whole flirty/bastard thing he has going on
    – Mare – OMG. So stupid, I can’t.
    I love this idea, by the way 🙂

  5. Totally agree about Prince Kai!! And Hazel!!

  6. Ha, this is the second list I’ve seen Kai on! Poor boy child.

  7. I agree: I never liked Hazel Grace, nor Prince Maxon, nor Celaena (nout until book 2), nor Prince Kai, nor Mare Barrow, nor Cinna. Lol, almost all the characters you chose. I’m betting I would hate the other ones too if I had read the books already. xD

  8. I didn’t really like any of the characters from The Selection. I actually kept hoping that America wouldn’t pick either Aspen or Maxxon. Neither ever really completely proved their feelings for her. And she was just too indecisive anyways. That’s why she’s on the top of my list.
    I liked the Witch Hunter, but I’m not entirely sure why. I think it had more to do with, what I felt was a pretty unique premise.. but after that most of the characters were pretty boring.
    I neither liked or disliked Mare from The Red Queen. I liked some of the other characters more than her. Mostly Cal. I found the book enjoyable, but it didn’t Wow me the way other YA Fantasy books have.
    I read the prequel novellas before starting ToG series, so I saw her bad-assery then. But I agree that it wasn’t really shown how awesome she is until the second book. Or at least the last chapter or so of the first book.
    Check out my

  9. I love your graphics Aimee!
    I kinda feel the same with Hazel, in fact she almost made it to my list too. She’s already sick, and a little positivity won’t hurt right?
    And I liked movie-Cinna better than book-Cinna. Similar thoughts.

  10. I agree with your reasoning for Celaena, I didn’t really like her much until book 2 either. I totally agree on Hazel, I never clicked with her, though she wasn’t on my list this week.

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