Shadow Music by Julie Garwood

Shadow Music by Julie GarwoodShadow Music by Julie Garwood
Published by Ballantine Books on December 26th 2007
Genres: Romance
Pages: 339
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For Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel, Scotland is a land of stunning vistas, wild chieftains, treacherous glens, and steep shadows--skullduggery, betrayal, and now murder. Prized for her exquisite beauty, the daughter of one of England's most influential barons, Gabrielle is also a perfect bargaining chip for a king who needs peace in the Highlands: King John has arranged Gabrielle's marriage to a good and gentle laird. But this marriage will never take place.
For Gabrielle, everything changes in one last burst of freedom--when she and her guards come upon a scene of unimaginable cruelty. With one shot from her bow and arrow, Gabrielle takes a life, saves a life, and begins a war.
Within days, the Highlands are aflame with passions as a battle royal flares between enemies old and new. Having come to Scotland to be married, Gabrielle is instead entangled in Highland intrigue. For two sadistic noblemen, underestimating Gabrielle's bravery and prowess may prove fatal. But thanks to a secret Gabrielle possesses, Colm MacHugh, the most feared man in Scotland, finds a new cause for courage. Under his penetrating gaze, neither Gabrielle's body nor heart is safe.

Welcome to The Book Geek’s monthly feature, affectionately called The Genre Spotlight. It’s where we explore and choose one of the myriad genres. We’ll showcase it by having each Book Geek read and review at least one, but possibly a few books belonging to that month’s chosen genre.

We’re hoping to expand our reading horizons to genre’s we haven’t or have barely read, and, hopefully, usher in gems our lives have been missing out on.

For sizzling August, our spotlight is on Romance.

Recently I read a western fiction book that I thought for sure would have me feeling all kinds of nostalgic but was disappointed; it turns out all I needed was a quick trip back with one of my long-ago favorite authors. It’s pretty funny actually because my mom got me first romance book and I know she had no idea what she was setting me up to read, LOOOL. Oh, man, I still chuckle about it. I was 13 and had always read Dean Koonzt and Archie Comics before that, but she read the synopsis for a Julie Garwood book called For the Roses and I was hooked.
I would troll the romance section in bookstores and try to find ones that fit my wants and getting progressively more into the PNR side of things (then I picked up Blood Fever and was forever changed). Though my tastes, and love of feminism, have evolved to the point where I deliberately choose not to read contemporary romance anymore I’m happy the new feature brought me back.
Sure, I didn’t love the story, because the slut-shaming, alpha-male, damaging masculinity, helplessness, and overall nonsense of the story just isn’t my thing anymore, but I do love how Garwood can still make me read it in a day. She is a great storyteller. I thought I had read nearly all of her books when we decided to spotlight romance this month, but then I searched and found out that she is a machine at putting out books! I mean, holy crap, for real! She may have a million or so books out there but still peppered in old names in this story and it totally brought me back.
I loved that. I loved thinking about the person I was back when I was devouring her books. It took my mom years of convincing before she would stop sending me a new Garwood book every time it was released, LOL.
My mom rocks.
If you love contemporary romance and haven’t tried a Julie Garwood please do so, you won’t be sorry!
As for me? I think I need to go call my mom and make myself some comfort food.

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  1. You’re brave for doing this genre spotlight thing. Most of the time, when I step out of my book comfort zone, I end up disliking it. That said, I will not read. I’m not fond of slut-shaming. Great review, Brandi.

  2. Ha, thank you, Vane! It’s definitely fun doing the spotlight even though romance is such a difficult genre. You either love it or hate it, and I don’t love it.

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