Review Policy

Hi there 😀

Are you an author or publisher looking to get a book reviewed? I enjoy reading adult and YA fiction, but especially fantasy, contemporary and mystery/thriller. Though I occasionally make exceptions, I rarely accept non-fiction. If interested, simply email with the following information.

Title & short summary.
Cover image if available.
Length (in pages or approx. words).
Is protagonist male, female or otherwise?
Any romance? Light or heavy? No need to answer this if the genre is romance.
Audience (if applicable). Teens/YA? Adults? Younger children?
Any sexual content?
Is your book part of a series? If so, how many books will be in the series?
Give 3 words that describe your book.
Are you interested in participating in a giveaway or interview?
I review honestly. I am a passionate, slightly crazy, totally biased book lover who enjoys helping others find great things to read. Do you understand and accept that I will give my honest opinion even if I didn’t like your book?


Also open for: interviews, giveaways, blog tours and cover reveals. Please do not offer me money in exchange for reviews. If you are looking for paid services, check out my beta-reading page.

I get so many requests from authors on top of the ARCs I receive from publishing companies that I cannot possibly review them all. Providing the above info will help me decide if I am a good match for your book! It also speeds things up if you include the ebook file in your original email – I can accept epub, mobi and pdf formats – but this is not a requirement. Please note: due to the large volume of requests I receive, I am unable to reply to every email individually. Thank you for understanding.


Rating System

Absolutely loved it! I give 5 teacup ratings sparingly so this rating means it seriously impressed me. Highly recommended.

Really enjoyed the book; story and characters were very impressive and I will look out for more by the author. If it is part of a series, 4 teacups means a definite continuation of the series.

Liked for the most part, but didn’t love. Book will likely have quite a few flaws, but I might consider reading the author’s other work. May or may not continue series.

Nothing special or particularly interesting. It was okay but I disliked more than I liked.

Nothing positive to say about it, or didn’t even finish the book.