Bold Tricks by Karina Halle

Bold Tricks (The Artists Trilogy, #3)Bold Tricks by Karina Halle
My rating: 3 of 5 teacups


The Artists Trilogy has been one of my favourite series of all time. Really. It has broken all my rules about contemporary romances, love triangles, “bad boys”… everything. I have loved Ellie, Camden and Javier; they have made me sad, frustrated and angry at times, but damn, have I loved them. As soon as this third and final installment was made available to me, I snatched it up with an eagerness that will only be understood by those people who have truly fallen in love with a series and waited desperately for the next book. And I want to give this book five stars. Or four at least. I want to rate it higher to express my love for the whole series, for the characters and for this author who’s given me such a crazy story to love. But I’d be lying. Because Bold Tricks, though not enough to kill my love for the trilogy as a whole, was a real disappointment for me.

The primary strength of this series has always been, in my opinion, its ability to break my own rules. I have always been highly critical of the romance genre and love triangles; so, for this series to come along and give me both of those at once but make me love them, well, that’s really quite an achievement. And one of the main reasons that this love triangle works so successfully is because of the way the author keeps the two men on equal footing. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, they both fulfill an important role in Ellie’s life so that the reader is genuinely unsure which one she will be able to live without. I finished the second book wondering how it would be possible for Bold Tricks to take me from where I was (having no clue who Ellie would pick) to cementing my love for one of the men over the other (or at least convincing me of Ellie’s cemented love). The answer: it didn’t.

Halle has never had any problem putting her characters through several levels of hell. I knew that. I loved that. I expected to be taken to hell in this book and possibly have my heart ripped out along the way. But – and perhaps this is the most disappointing thing of all about this final installment – things were too easy. Ellie’s decision was too easy for her. She’s spent such a long time being tortured by her conflicted feelings for Camden and Javier that it felt like something of a cop-out to turn it around so quickly, so easily and so early on in the book. The characterisation of the man she didn’t pick began to unravel too quickly; everything he did felt like an excuse as to why Ellie shouldn’t pick him and at odds with the multifaceted character we’ve come to know and love. It would have been more realistic and far more satisfying to have Ellie choose between the two men who were on equal footing (even if our hearts were broken by it), than for her to face a choice suddenly made easy and obvious by the actions of one of the men.

Then we come to the issue of the choice she makes. I was willing to accept either and prepared myself to deal with whichever man Ellie ended up with. But I did not expect this book to take such a cheesy turn. “Cheesy” is a word I never thought could be applied to the Artists Trilogy. So imagine my surprise when Ellie’s decision was quickly followed by the dialogue dissolving into the usual romance-y sweet nothings and cringy metaphors. While this book wasn’t a complete disappointment, the romantic side of it was. And, for once, this is a series where the romantic aspect has been my favourite part, so it was doubly disappointing.

Still, there are a lot of positive things to say about Bold Tricks. The writing has the author’s addictive signature all over it, the characters are witty and hilarious as usual, and the action is at a series high. The drug cartel subplot plays an even bigger part in this book and it makes for a number of heart-stopping scenes of tension. The demons Ellie has been battling for most of her life finally surface for one last fateful showdown and a number of unexpected truths are revealed. I can’t say that I wasn’t wildly entertained by this conclusion and I know that I’ll be looking out for everything Ms Halle writes in the future.

And I can’t help but feel guilty about my rating and reaction to this book.

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