I now offer beta reading services to authors. A beta reader is not an editor or proofreader. Instead, they view your finished manuscript as a reader and offer constructive criticism on the writing, characters, plot and pacing. I do not post a public review for the books I beta-read.

Please note: Your book must have been fully edited before I begin the beta-read. A beta-reader is the final stage before your book goes to print and it is impossible to perform a beta-read if the book is full of grammatical errors or inconsistencies. Please see the editing section if you would like me to edit your work.

Why should you consider hiring me?
I have been reviewing books for over 7 years and know what many readers want and expect. I read across all fiction genres and can view your work critically and objectively. I’m not afraid to be brutally honest about what doesn’t work and I will offer you the best advice to reach your reading audience. My time in the book blogging world, my frequent interactions with other readers, and my internship at a major publishing company have all helped me understand what other readers like and don’t like.

You can find my reviews on the blog and on Goodreads.

What do I read?
I will read all genres of fiction, though my preferred genres are Young Adult, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Historical, Mystery/Thriller and Contemporary. I only accept Non-Fiction if the subject is something I can personally offer insight on (email me to discuss). English language only, please.

I charge $0.80 per 250 words (a standard industry page). So, for example, an average 75,000 word novel (approx. 300 pages) would be $240.

What can I expect for my money?
Feedback – I will provide extensive feedback and criticism, as well as answering any questions you might have to the best of my ability.
Thoroughness – My comments and advice will be detailed and will cover all aspects of the book, from characters to writing to plot.
Honesty – You are guaranteed my honest opinion. I will also give you a full refund if I feel unable to objectively judge your book for any reason.
Objectivity – As much as this is humanly possible. My feedback is based on helping you appeal to your target audience, not on my own interests and pet peeves.
Speed – I am a fast reader and typically will get back to you within one week. Let me know if you have a deadline to meet and I will be extra speedy.
Privacy – My comments and criticism will never be publicized.

I’m interested! Now what happens?
If you are interested in hiring me, send an email to and include your title, blurb/description and word count. I almost always reply within 24 hours.


I also offer copy editing and content editing services. This is a much bigger job than a beta-reader and can help you with everything from grammar, punctuation and syntax errors, to plot, style and tone. Copy editing focuses on the former; content editing focuses on the latter.

What do I edit?
I offer copy editing for all books, articles and web pages. My more comprehensive editing – which considers the creative content of the work – is only for fiction books. English language only, please.

I charge $0.015 per word for copy editing, $0.018 per word for content editing, and $0.03 per word for both.

I’m interested! Now what happens?
If you are interested in hiring me, send an email to with a brief description of your book/project, the type of editing you are interested in, and your word count. I almost always reply within 24 hours.