About Me

Hey, I’m Emily May. But feel free to call me Emily, or just Em. I’ve been obsessed with reading for pretty much my entire life and in December 2010 I started posting online about how the books I read made me feel.

I’m an aspie and a very analytical person who enjoys thinking deeply about books and collecting quotes to demonstrate why I liked or didn’t like them. I’m very literal and straight-forward with what I do or say, which means I will be completely honest if I hated a book, but also completely honest if I loved it.

Born in the North of England, I now live in sunny Los Angeles with my partner, two sons, and an obnoxiously loud cat called Leila. I love to travel and would genuinely be happy going anywhere I haven’t been, as long as I can read books, listen to my music, and drink tea (English breakfast, milk, no sugar).


Random Facts

➽ I’m: Sagittarius; INTJ; Slytherin; Candor.
➽ I have had an unnatural obsession with my favourite TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer for over a decade now. Spuffy forever.
➽ I am extremely introverted and struggle with social anxiety. People often seem surprised to hear this.
➽ The bravest thing I’ve ever done, in my opinion, is stand up on a stage in a full lecture room and propose a book club society for my university. It’s still one of my proudest moments. I called it “Book Your Brains Out”.
➽ I would always choose the red pill.



Things I Love/Interests

➽ My family
➽ Reading
➽ Tea
➽ Food (everything from sushi to chocolate cake, but absolutely no coffee!)
➽ Politics, history, philosophy
➽ Travel
➽ Music (Dolly Parton, Metallica, and everything in between)
➽ Making Lists
➽ The Internet
➽ The colour red

TL;DR: I read books. A lot.